Terms and Conditions

It is preferable that fair bookings are made on the MGM Fairs Booking form, or here on line,  but not essential.

  • ·         A non-refundable* £10 deposit for each fair table, at each fair, will be required at the time of booking.
  • ·         The remaining balance is payable on the day.
  • ·         Any non-arrival or late cancellations (less than 7 days of the fair date) requires the full table fee being payable.
  • ·         MGM reserve the right to decline further bookings from any trader until payment has been made on any outstanding table fees.
  • ·         Late bookings may be taken at the discretion of the Organiser for which full payment will be required before the show.

*In exceptional circumstances this may be waved.

Acknowledgment in writing of your Booking Form and monies; confirms and secures your table reservations.  

We accept payment in cash, cheque (payable to G. Tucker.) or PayPal account admin@mgmfairs.co.uk


Pricing for 2018  -  Tables and Demonstration Tables

·         All Sales Table are:                      £55.00   each

·         A Demonstration table is             £27.50

·         Only one Demo table per trader with a maximum of 4 demo tables at any one fair. **

**   Demo table is deemed the size of one usual 6ft table of which 50% may be selling space.
You will be allowed to sell items from your demo table at the fair.

Traders will be supplied with venue location, fair details and a copy of the floor plan for each show booked, these will be sent by email to the contact details we hold for you.   Occasionally last minute changes may have to be made, so on the fair day, your trader pack indicates your final table placement.

All the venues have different tables, and their widths vary, but they are around 2'6" wide. You may bring boards to standardize the width of their table. The prices we have quoted are for a standard table, in most cases this is 6ft, but can apply to other sizes as well, if in doubt; please check with us before booking.  Please note that at the Matlock Fair they have 5ft tables only.

All the halls booked have a nonsmoking policy, which will be reinforced at our fairs.

Our insurance forbids defacing all and any walls in all and any venues, so it must be mentioned that anyone putting up notices / boards and advertisements not sanctioned by the Organiser could face a fine of up to £250.   

All electrical equipement used by the traders, should have a relevant PAT tested certificate.

On the Booking Form stand-holders are asked to give an accurate account of the stock they will be selling, and the percentage of imported stock. This description will not only be used to facilitate your siting at the fair, but also used as your description on our web site.  Only the goods you have declared beforehand will be sanctioned for your table and you may be asked to remove unauthorized items. 

No trader will be allowed to display large signs offering discounts or sale items from their stand and large scale discounts on multiple items, will not be allowed, as this impacts other traders attending the fair.  

Exhibitors must not knowingly bring to the fair or offer for sale any item that has been copied from the copyright designs of (an) other craftsperson(s) or that is restricted by contractual agreements elsewhere. Where legal action has been initiated in respect of such infringements the alleged perpetrator must not bring the item or items in dispute to the fair. The Organisers and the venue and their servants and agents will not accept any liability whatsoever for any loss of business sustained by any exhibitor whatsoever that may result from this or any other exclusion(s) of items that the Organisers at their discretion may deem to be prudent. Exhibitors should satisfy themselves that they are not infringing copyright law in any way whatsoever. Exhibitors must not do anything or display any item(s) that could bring the event, the organizer, or the venue into disrepute.

Due to the Fire Regulations at our venues, no extra tables, stands or paste tables will be allowed either behind, beside or in front of your allotted table. Be warned.... If you erect any, you will be asked to remove them, unless they have been agreed with the organizer beforehand.

All stands will have 2 chairs supplied and access to an electrical point, but it may be appropriate to bring an extension cable. Please bring a suitable cloth to cover your table.

We hope to open most venues to the stand-holders between 7.30am – 8.00am, to set up, with the Fair opening at 10.30am. The Fairs in 2018 will then close at 3.00pm, unless otherwise advised. We would therefore, request that no stand holder breaks down their stand until the end of the fair, unless advised by the organizer. However, modest tidying up behind is permitted as long as it is discreet. We have been advised that evening functions are sometimes held after our Fairs and we will therefore need to vacate some of the Halls by 6.00pm, but you will be advised of these before the show.

Where we can, we supply free (or discounted) tea / coffee to our traders on the day of the fair.  It is mostly a DIY situation, so it is helpful if you bring your own mugs.

On your arrival at an MGM Fair, you will find a “Traders Pack” on your table, this not only indicates this is your table for the day, but it also includes:

·         Your invoice for the balance of monies owed for that fair

·         A rubbish bag

·         Any news/information pertinent to the show or to MGM Fairs

·         Two small bags of sweets/chocolate

The monies for the balance of your table should be placed inside the envelope provided, sealed and returned to the Organiser by 1.00pm on the day of the fair.  Anyone requiring a receipt should ask when handing over the envelope.

Most of our Fairs are situated in town centers and all are easily located and accessible. Car Parking is available at all the venues, but some have Pay and Display car parks and information on these,  are given in the trader information and notes sent closer to the time of each fair.

MGM Fairs and the Organiser, reserve the right to alter or amend these conditions at any time, to promote the smooth running of their shows.     

Gail Tucker – Fair Organiser

1 January 2018



All content within this booking facility is the copyright of MGM Fairs.

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All content within this booking facility is the copyright of MGM Fairs.

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